Weddings After COVID-19 Restrictions Are Lifted

Weddings After COVID-19 Restrictions Are Lifted

We’ve seen many couples have to alter wedding plans because of COVID-19. In our previous blog, “Planning a Wedding During COVID-19”, we gave advice on how to navigate planning, and even discussed the beauty and elegance of, a smaller ceremony and reception.

However, things will eventually go back to normal, or a “new normal” as we may call it. While much is still unknown about the future, we know that weddings after COVID gathering restrictions are lifted will look somewhat different. At Scarborough Fare Catering, we are already thinking of ways to make nuptials more joyful, memorable, and yes, safer for all guests.

Here are a few ways we predict weddings will change once restrictions are lifted. Keep in mind, change isn’t bad! You can still have the wedding of your dreams and may even discover new and creative ideas to make your ceremony more intimate and memorable! We encourage you to start planning your big day now. Don’t let COVID ruin your wedding dreams.


The Guest List

Even when there are no restrictions on gatherings, we still predict that couples will opt for smaller weddings than we’ve typically seen in the past. The pros of a smaller wedding – you’ll be able to relax, have fun, spend more time with each guest, and you can focus more on the details and the experience as a whole. If couples still want to include more people in their big day, The Martinsborough in uptown Greenville, NC can be the perfect venue as it can hold up to 140 guests while still adhering to CDC Guidelines that were in place for COVID-19. And, not only is the perfect space for a larger crowd, The Martinsborough is also the perfect venue for smaller, more intimate weddings as well!


The Ceremony

For wedding ceremonies, we look forward to working with couples to come up with unique ceremony seating. The Martinsborough is the perfect space for intimate ceremonies. Guests can be seated or stand around the couple to create a personal ceremony where everyone feels included. This will also allow guests to stand as close to, or as far away from, others as they feel comfortable. We will also offer guests the use of sanitation stations around the venue to encourage frequent hand sanitation.


The Reception Seating

Seating for the reception dinner can also incorporate unique layouts, allowing for social distancing. We can use smaller tables and seating arrangements can be assigned by households to help make guests feel more comfortable. We can create a mix of tables able to seat anywhere from two to ten guests. Couples will also have the option to incorporate unique seating, like lounge seating including sofas, and cocktail table seating!


The Food and Drink

Now, for our favorite part, the food and drinks! Cocktail hour and the reception dinner are a major part of any wedding. This won’t change! But the way we present and serve food and beverages will. We will create a system where as few hands as possible are involved in plating meals. Scarborough Fare Catering can provide your guests with a delicious culinary experience while they remain seated at their tables. Reception meals will be focused on feeding guests individually, so that to avoid touching communal surfaces. While buffets may be possible, they’ll probably be a bit different—small food stations, rather than long lines of dishes. Our catering staff will wear masks and gloves!


Instead of packed dance floors, couples may be opting for a fancy dinner party atmosphere complete with speeches and toasts, special dances, and unique entertainment. We have a long list of wonderful, entertainment options that are sure to leave a lasting impression on your wedding guests. We can work with couples to find the perfect entertainment fit.


Photography and Videography
We envision photos and videos to be even more important to couples post-COVID-19. Weddings may be experienced via live streaming to those who are unable to attend.


At Scarborough Fare Catering, we want to encourage couples to continue with their big day! We can work with you to create a beautiful and safe event!


Article Provided By: Allison Thomas