Planning a Wedding During COVID-19

Planning a Wedding During COVID-19

If there is one thing we want couples to hear from us during this time, it’s WE FEEL YOU! We’ve heard so many stories over the past few weeks from brides and grooms who’ve had to cancel, postpone or alter their wedding plans. We know that it is disheartening to see your plans go by the wayside and not being able to celebrate life’s special moments with loved ones like you had planned. And, for brides with wedding plans in the summer, fall, winter and even in 2021, we know that it can be hard to navigate during this time and cope with the corona-craziness. So, we invite you to reach out for advice to help you stay positive, keep on track with the wedding planning, and make changes as needed. 

We know that this is a very uncertain time. For those who have planned a destination wedding or are unable or fearful to continue with previous wedding plans – consider the Martinsborough in Greenville, NC. The Salon at The Martinsborough is an intimate space that can fulfill the dreams of a small, intimate wedding followed by a fabulous feast! If you’ve never considered a small ceremony, but now the thought is very appealing – here are some reasons we LOVE intimate weddings! 

  • A small wedding gives you the chance to really go all out. Keeping things small means that the extra details, like creative wedding favors, loaded gift baskets and six-course feasts for your guests, are suddenly more accessible. Think boxes of chocolate instead of a single truffle, the best champagne rather than sparkling wines and luxurious arrangements of roses and rare orchids as far as the eye can see. This really is the perfect chance to splurge on things you may not have been able to afford with a larger guest list.
  • This might be the best part of having a smaller wedding – with fewer people on the scene, it’s easy to get everyone involved to create a very special wedding memory. You can have everyone read a line of a prayer or a special reading at the ceremony or have them stand and encircle you as you exchange your vows. The possibilities are endless!

The COVID-19 pandemic is still super up in the air, and everyone’s wedding planning is going to be affected in a different way. As we continue to navigate through this uncertain time, Scarborough Fare Catering would like to extend our love to couples who have had to reschedule or alter their wedding plans. We know that a lot goes into planning such a special day and many brides and grooms are having to make tough decisions to ensure the safety and health of their loved ones. If you have any questions or want to discuss your wedding plans or catering, please feel free to give Scarborough Fare Catering a call!

Article Provided By: Allison Thomas