We love what we do!

Our passion for food, southern hospitality, and celebrations in Central & Eastern North Carolina is the driving force behind our entire team. Siblings Justin Wilkes and Allison Thomas have created a success story with their talent and commitment to FRESH, DELICIOUS FOOD combined with WONDERFUL SERVICE.

Successful events include fabulous food served by friendly and professional staff members.

From event planner, chef, bartender, waiter, down to the very last person of the team, we are well trained to help achieve the successful event you always dreamed of.

Justin Wilkes
chef/grill-master/event producer/fix it man
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I am often requested to lead an event and in my mind, I laugh, and think if they (the customer) only knew that they really want my brother Justin. After all he is the best chef/cook/grill-master ever and he can fix anything. If the electricity goes out, he fixes it. If the bathroom trailer has problems, he fixes it. If half of lighting goes out, he fixes it. He manages all on site cooking and thrives while attending half a dozen cooking tasks at one time with no problem. He makes my head spin!


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Allison Thomas
event planner-producer/chef/floor leader
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Allison is Chef Royal. She is demanding of her team, but always focused on our customers and achieving the perfect event. She pays attention to the small details and really thrives on customer contact. She loves being on the floor of an event and has created pretty amazing relationships with her customers. She also creates longstanding relationships with our employees. Not to mention, she can cook!


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