Scarborough Fare’s Tips to Throwing A Crowd-Pleasing Corporate Party

Scarborough Fare’s Tips to Throwing A Crowd-Pleasing Corporate Party

Not all companies are the same, so not all company parties should be the same. However, one common complaint from employees attending corporate events is that it could have been “spiced” up a little. Whether it’s a company award banquet, fundraiser or Christmas party, it is important to add touches that will make the event stand out and will please everyone who attends. Using our year and years of experience, we’ve put together a few tips on how to throw a crowd-pleasing corporate party that is sure to be your companies’ best one yet!

Think About the Individual

It’s easy to plan a one-size-fits-all corporate party. Often times these feature a buffet with one or two protein options, a couple side dishes and bread. But to really impress, it is important to think about the individual. Having a variety of different small plates and food stations will allow you to offer attendees many different meal options! You can feature anything from a pasta station, carving station, oyster roast, sushi, shrimp and grits station, and more! And, not to mention, this set up will encourage a lot of conversation and mingling throughout the event space. Scarborough Fare Catering can work with you to design a menu that will make everyone happy!

Find a Venue the Works

Contrary to belief, throwing a fun corporate party isn’t hard. Choosing the right venue is the best first step to setting the feel of the entire event. The venue you choose can make or break your event. The Martinsborough, located in beautiful uptown Greenville, NC, is the perfect place for your corporate party. It’s big enough to fit over 300 guests, yet small enough to still feel personal. Skip the convention room at a hotel and opt for something livelier! Trust us, guests will really appreciate the change of venue!

Find GREAT Entertainment

Entertainment is important at any event, and yes, that includes corporate events! Our advice, don’t skimp on the entertainment. You don’t want folks wishing they were at the office instead of the company party. Think about entertainment that will please the crowd. Upbeat, live music is always a great option. Other ideas are dueling pianos or a magician. Or, what about a caricaturist? Guests will be able to leave the party with a special memento!

Need more advice on throwing a corporate party? If you’ve been left with the task of planning the event, you don’t have to do it alone. Contact us today! Not only can we help you pick out the perfect menu, we’ll make sure everything goes smoothly and connect you with the best vendors in the area for anything you may need! Check out our trusted partners.

Article Provided By: Scarborough Fare Catering