5 Things That Can be Overlooked When Wedding Planning

5 Things That Can be Overlooked When Wedding Planning

We know that planning your nuptials can be overwhelming. But, of course, it’s so rewarding in the end. If you set your wedding date for 2021, we bet that the second the ball dropped you felt the clock ticking! There are so many little (but important) things to check off your list before the big day. To make it a little easier on you, here is a reminder of 5 things that are often overlooked when wedding planning – that way you can make sure you consider them!


1. Have a Crew

Depending on your ceremony and reception venue, you may be required to clean up after the night is over. Make sure you have a few people who are willing to do this for you, so that you won’t have to worry about it at the end of the night. If you decide to have your wedding at the Martinsborough, you won’t have to worry about that! Our amazing staff can handle all the setting up and tearing down, so that you and all your loved ones can live in the moment of your special day – it will be a chore-free day for everyone!


2. Guests and Meals

Before you give a head count to your caterer, make sure that none of your guests have allergies or dietary restrictions. If this is the case, you can give your caterer a heads up and see if an alternate meal can be prepared for a guest that does have a restriction. Oh, and don’t forget to include your vendors in the headcount you give to the caterer. This includes your photographers, videographer, DJs/musicians, planners, etc.


3. Off Limits Songs

Think about this! When meeting with your DJ, if you decide to have one, discuss any songs that you don’t want played. Couples don’t often think about doing this, but if you skip out on this step, chances are you may be in for a surprise.


4. Don’t Forget to Eat

It’s so easy to get caught up socializing with guests at the reception and dancing the night away! But, make sure you have a chance to eat and enjoy the delicious meal you picked out. At Scarborough Fare Catering, we can prepare to-go plates for the happy couple to enjoy at the end of the night, when they have a moment to themselves.  


5. Transportation

Plan for how you and your wedding party are going to get from one location to the other. Especially if your ceremony and reception are at different venues, you will need to think about hiring drivers, or renting a limo or party bus. And when it’s time for you and your new spouse to leave, make sure that transportation is figured out as well.


The amazing team at Scarborough Fare Catering and The Martinsborough is here to make sure that your wedding day goes smoothly. We’ll help with everything from catering and the venue, to décor, final touches and clean up! You should enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime day! It’s our goal to make sure you can relax knowing we’ll make sure everything is covered. Give us a call today to get the wedding planning started!

Article Provided By: Allison Thomas